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ART-image Michael Shimanovsky's workshop

Michael Shimanovsky - the professional photographer, the political strategist, the TV reporter, the political image maker.

The speed of the information exchange has significantly increased, for the account the Internet of networks of contacts and acquaintances.

We now have little time for self-presentation, which is necessary when we are looking for our place in life, new friends and partners.
If we want to be noticed and achieve success, we should learn to react fast, develop communicative skills and present ourselves effectively to others.

A professionally made photograph, perfect mimicry, gesture, look and entourage are able to tell your own story to those who happen to see it.

ART-Image Workshop By Michael Shimanovsky offers to you...

  • an exclusive professional photo-session, projecting your image.
  • your portfolio for modeling, drama schools, contests, castings, dating agencies their specific nature considered and 100 % result guaranteed.
  • training courses and consultations on projecting and promoting your image.
  • PR-support in politics and business.

ART-image Michael Shimanovsky's workshop Guarantees only an individual approach, confidentiality and professionalism in work.

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Phone: +7 911 600 25 29


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